What is Made in India?

About: The Make in India initiative was launched by our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 as in support to native industrialists. And Prime Minister devised it to transform the present condition of Indian manufacturing industries. And strong support for youngsters who are willing to start their business but due to lack of financial support, are not able to do anything.

This initiative is a real growth factor in the field of start-ups and new business ideas.
And this is the only kind of step taken by the India Government to promote Indian manufacturers to take their brand to the global level.

It was very important for Indian businesses and industries to understand
“What is make in India?” It is because this initiative was taken when India was on the brink of severe economic failure.

Make in India was started to facilitate Indian manufacturing and even today it has the same principles. If you live in
India, doing a manufacturing kind of business, you need to see this.

  • It is not just a slogan, it was an initiative taken by our PM against the backdrop of the economic crisis in India.

  • Actually, this initiative was more for the government rather than the citizens of India.
    It depicted a complete change of the Government’s mindset - a major shift from issuing authority to business partners.

  • It helped every manufacturer to adopt a new strategy that inspires, empowers, and enables in equal measure.

  • In a very short period of time, the obsolete and obstructive frameworks of the past have been dismantled and replaced with an authentic, user-friendly digital system.

  • Today, India’s credibility is stronger than ever before and the momentum of its industrial development is very high.