How To Take Care Of Solid Wood Furniture?

Solid wood furniture gives a classic look to your whole interiors and brings-in a warm vibe to your home. These wooden surfaces need to be protected and taken care of. Different wood types might need preservation from light, water and other kinds of damages from regular rough and tough. This section talks about the process we use to protect your furniture and how, in the process, we make it look luxurious. Anyone who appreciates their solid wood furniture naturally wants their furniture to look like it did on the first day of purchase, even after years. This requires the right care. Here we explain how to properly care for the solid furniture and what to look out for with the various wooden surfaces.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Intended for indoor use only. Please do not expose to rain or water.
  • Do not drag the furniture as it may damage it, lift to reposition when required.
  • Always use runners, coasters or mats to avoid marks any burnt on wooden furniture.
  • In case the liquid spills, wipe immediately with a clean dry cloth to maintain the natural look.
  • Apply wood polish wax, at least twice in a year, to keep the finish intact.
  • Do not use wet cloth to clean and wipe the furniture, use dry cloth.